Friday, May 25, 2012

Julie Vision Etsy Coupon

Some of you who know me or have been hanging around me on the Internet long enough know that I have an Etsy shop. I've neglected said shop for a while and, sadly, don't have the time I used to to keep it flowing with new merchandise. I also have a shop blog that is even more neglected, but that is another conversation. :-)

Every now and again, I close the shop for a few months, and then re-open it again. Every time I re-open I get really excited and cut out a ton of new bags, only a quarter of which ever get sewn. What's the point of me telling you this? I'm determined to get some new designs in the shop!

I've recently embarked on a joint project with the fantastic Sara of Twillypop and it got me excited to sew again. (Are you familiar with Twillypop? Sara's designs are awesome. Like, seriously. I have four of her pieces and get complemented on them constantly.)

My slow down in production was synchronous with my relocating to from Detroit to Chicago and moving into an extremely tiny apartment. (Phenomenal Julie Powers......iddddy biiddddy living space.) So, to make room for new designs, the old ones must go!! Take a look through the shop-- if you see something you like, use code FREESHIP to get free shipping on your order. This coupon will be valid until the end of June 2012.

As always, I love taking custom orders. I've done some special bridal and bridal party bags, as well as some really cute designs that convert baby dresses into handbags. Like this one, where I took one of my mom's favorite dresses from when I was a toddler and made it into bags for both of us; this one, where I used the bride's first communion dress to make her a bridal bag; and this one where I used photos to personalize the bag.

Thanks for reading this shamelessly self promoting post, and thanks for checking out the shop! Here is a little taste of what you'll find there......


  1. Ah how I know the feeling of moving and having a smaller space but lots of ideas :)

    I adore your bags and love the ones that have that extra personal touch. Will you be posting here about your collaboration?

    1. Yes! I'll keep you updated on the collaboration! It is still forming, so the details will be revealed when they are solidified. :-)

      And, I totally though of you when cutting fabric-- I have skulls I cut to go on a bag with a big Lucite bow. I though you might approve. ;-)

  2. Does the coupon apply to Canadian orders? I am looking at your bridal bag for my wedding.

    1. I can totally extend this to Canada. The way etsy works the coupons it won't let me choose anything other than 'domestic' or 'all' in terms of coding the coupon, but if you place an order, put the code in the 'notes to seller' instead of the coupon code box and I'll refund your shipping.

      Thanks for checking out the shop!

  3. Awesome!!! Thanks. I will go onto the site tomorrow.